Prefabricated Garages

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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You know those trucks you see on the highway that have entire garages or sheds on their trailer? Those are prefabricated garage kits, and they are becoming very popular now days. This is because they offer a combination of affordability, ease of installation and exceptional value.

When choosing your prefabricated garage, be sure to take seasonal weather in to consideration. If there’s a large amount of snow in the winter where you live, you will need a stronger structure to support the roof during the wintertime. The same is true with wind, stronger structures are needed in high-wind areas. With that being said, since these types of prefabricated garages are more complex and difficult to build you may not want to purchase one of these units if you live in a climate that does not have harsh weather.

After you’ve done your shopping and selected a design, the individual parts of it will be shipped to you, hopefully with some sort of blueprints or instructions. You should spend a good amount of time poring over these so you know exactly how each piece fits together and where they’re supposed to go before you start putting things together. After that is done, you should get a few friends together and lay the pieces out in your backyard, do a few test-fits to make sure all of the pieces you got were correct.

Pick a good day to do this kind of work, no rain, etc, it will make the process go much more painlessly. Doing hard construction in the rain or when it’s one hundred degrees is not a fun proposition. Also make sure you stay hydrated and practice standard safety procedures. If you do not know these you probably should not be building anything anyway, so let us move on.

You must have a flat, level place to construct the prefabricated garage on. Most people build a foundation prior to construction. Go ahead and use the shovel method to level a space if your space isn’t level already, although most lots are fairly level, so this shouldn’t be a huge problem. During assembly, make sure you keep careful track of every screw, beam, and other party, because if you lose one you may never notice until it’s done and your garage is somehow angled fifteen degrees to the right.

While you’re assembling, you should also take careful care to assemble each individual component of the building first before you assemble them in a complete construction. Your specific instructions may vary, but it is entirely likely that everything but the main door assembly will need to be built in advance and then slotted in at the proper points once the main structure is complete.

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